This was a fun way to get the kids involved in the garden when they were toddlers. Equipment in just their size seemed to get them excited to help. They don t use it anymore, but could still help more little gardeners! Please text and cash only. Thanks for looking!
My kiddos don t use this anymore. The handle has been glued back on and one knob for the sink is missing. Free if picked up!
The kids have outgrown this as well! It s in good shape still and will fold up for storage. It is very sturdy and has never tipped over with them climbing all over it. Please text with questions. Cash only and thanks for looking!
Our daughter has gotten to big for this playhouse. It has a lot of play left in it! The doorbell still works and all our kids enjoyed this. Please text with questions, cash only, and thanks for looking!
This splash table was worth every penny when the kids were younger. I don t have all the attachments because it was played with so much one piece broke. Free if picked up!
This Safety 1st walker is still in great shape! It is fully collapsible for storage and has different settings for the toys on the tray. Text with questions, cash only, thanks for looking!
My kids have out grown this little desk. It is a desk/easel combo with pencil trays in both positions. It is sized for toddlers and is still in great condition. Please text with questions, cash only, and thanks for looking!
My kids have outgrown this Exersaucer. It has 3 height settings and although it had 3 kids go through it, it is still in great shape. Please text with questions, cash only, and thanks for looking!
i have a Graco double stroller, it s in good condition and we hardly used it. $75 OBO
State licensed daycare serving famillies in Almena and surrounding areas has a toddler spot( ages 18 mo.-5 years) opening. Call us today or email us at almenacommunitydaycare@gmail.com
Boppy pillow with case in good shape.$8 OBO
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